A Denied SSD Claim Is Not The End Of The Line

There Are Options

Do not be surprised if your claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, and do not give up either. The majority of applications are denied at first. However, there is a four-level appeal process that you can go through with the help of an experienced lawyer.

At Leticia A. Gonzalez, Attorneys at Law, we have more than a decade of experience navigating all levels of Social Security Disability appeals. We understand exactly how to prepare for each level and have earned a reputation for success in helping people get the benefits they need if they have a medical condition that prevents them from working.


The first level of appeal is a request for reconsideration. At this level, documentation is provided to someone at the Social Security Administration (SSA) who was not involved in reviewing the initial application. All of the original information will be reviewed, plus any new information. Unfortunately, many of these requests are denied as well.

Administrative Hearings

The second level of appeal is a hearing in front of an administrative law judge who was not involved in reviewing the initial application or the request for reconsideration. This hearing gives us the opportunity to verbally present your case. We may present evidence that has already been submitted, as well as new evidence. In this setting, we can also bring witnesses such as medical experts to testify about your disability. Our lawyers are skilled at getting results at this level of the Social Security Disability appeal process.

Appeals Council Review

The third level of appeal is a review by the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council. The Appeals Council has the right to reject requests for review. However, if it does accept the review, it will either make a decision on its own or send the case back to the administrative law judge who presided over the administrative hearing.

Federal Court Review

If a fourth level of appeal is necessary, it will move out of the hands of the Social Security Administration and into the federal district court. This is a complex process, but we have extensive federal court experience and are prepared to take this step to help you get benefits.

Find Out If You Can Appeal A Denied Claim In A Free Consultation

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied, we can review your case and determine if you should pursue an appeal. Our services are available to people in San Antonio and throughout Texas. 210-558-7416 or email us today.

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