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At The Law Offices Of Leticia Gonzalez PLLC, we strive to provide you with the best legal service in the areas of Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation. We work to get you the full compensation you deserve under the law. After handling thousands of cases over the years, we have a long track record of success in helping our clients get their benefits and we want to help you!

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At The Law Offices of Leticia A. Gonzalez, we offer experienced advocacy in Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, Immigration and Real Estate cases. Our law firm was founded by Leticia A. Gonzalez. She began her career as a lawyer in 2002, advocating for injured workers at one of the most prominent personal injury firms in the region. While there, her passion and experience skyrocketed her to becoming the supervising attorney of the workers compensation department. She realized injured workers needed a voice and was ready to fight for injured worker rights.
Wanting to use her knowledge and skill to help workplace accident victims, she formed her own firm and quickly grew it to become one of the largest workers’ compensation firms in the San Antonio area. Many of those injured workers that she represented could no longer return to work after their work place accident. She wanted to help them in the event they could not return to the work place. Today, the firm has expanded to handle social security disability claims and a variety of other legal matters.
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Our team fights for those individuals who have been struggling with disabilities get the social security disability benefits they deserve. We assist our clients in navigating the entire process from beginning to end. We understand the financial and emotional burdens that disabilities can put on you and your family, so we pride ourselves in assisting you with all aspects of the process.
We Make The Process Simple
We help you through every stage of the process. From filing the application, to filing the appeal and gathering medical records, rest assured we will handle your case from the beginning to the end.
Free Case Evaluations
Your case evaluation is always free and confidential. You shouldn't have to pay to find out if you need a lawyer. We will meet with you in person to give you a fair assessment on your claim and answer all of your questions.
We Only Get Paid If You Win
If you dont win, you dont pay. We work off contingency which means we only get paid if we get you approved for benefits.
Same Day Appointments
We make arrangements for you to meet with our staff the day you contact our office. We understand that there are deadlines and wont make you wait to file your appeal.
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